“Punsanda Industries (Pvt) Ltd”, a domiciliary brand name in indigenous medicines, celebrates its Diamond Jubilee with an exalted glory and pride.  Descending from a family of traditional native physicians, Dr. H.D. Jayawardena pursued his father, Dr. H.D.J. Appuhami’s footsteps & started his practice at “Handapangoda” in 1947. During the late 1940s, he launched “Punsanda Industries (Pvt) Ltd”, as a small scale business venture, was one such remarkable stepping stone dedicated for uplifting the traditional medicine industry by manufacturing myriads of rare indigenous medicines. In 1955, Dr. H.D. Jayawardena held hands with Ms. K. Kulasekara, who possessed explicit Knowledge of Astrology, which later influenced “Punsanda Industries (Pvt) Ltd” to introduce The 1st Foundation Stone for the island as “Punsanda Nidan Wasthu”. Henceforth, all products including “Punsanda Nidan Wasthu” have not failed to become the paramount sellers in the market by both quality and 75 years of Experience. Since 1984, Dr. H.D. Jayawardena has been employed as a Visiting Physician at Lake House, Colombo. He has also served as a Member of the Ayurvedic Medical Council of Srilanka consecutively for 6 years, upon being elected by the council member’s votes & appointed by the government for twice for consecutive 3 year periods. His son, Dr. H.D.K. Dayarathna, Managing Director of “Punsanda Industries (Pvt) Ltd” is also a member of Ayurvedic Medical Council of Sri Lanka who is taking the family heritage towards the future generations.


Dr. H.D. Jayawardena

Justice of the Peace (All-Island)

Ayurvedic Medical Council registration obtained in the year 1972 by the founding father Dr. H.D. Jayawardena.


Ayurvedic Medical Council registration obtained in the year 1993 by the successor Dr. H.D.K. Dayarathne. (2 nd Generation)

The honorary title received by H.D.L.I. Dayarathne as the successor of institution under the recognition title “Deshashakthi”, “Deshabandu”. (3rd Generation)

The honorary recognition was received by Dr. H.D. Jayawardena for the safe & Quality distribution of Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals under the title “Viśāradā” & “Panditha” by his Excellency President J.R. Jayawardena.

Membership Certification of Srilanka Ayurvedic Medical Council (1971)